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Cole Thomas Media

More Clients. More Revenue.

Marketing is important...

...but there are already 101 things on your to-do list. 
And they are all important too!

So How Do You Optimize
Your Marketing?

Handle Everything Yourself?

That's fine if you have very little on your plate.

But if you're pretty swamped already... this isn't a viable option.

New Staff?

Finding good staff is hard, and training that staff is expensive.

And even if you find the perfect person... you're still depending on one person!

Hire an Agency?

Don't have a marketing budget of tens of thousands of dollars?

 Then your account could end up being managed by the assistant's intern.


Doesn't sound great.

"OK... So What Makes
You So Different?"


We only win if you win. That's the basis for a good partnership.

You won't carry all the risk, we'll share it. 


Our first priority is to get you results. 


Less talk, more walk.


We're not tucked away in some anonymous call center.

We're a local company, so you'll be able to reach us when you need us.


Jack of all trades... master of none. Specialization works. 

That's why we work with industries we know, so we can guarantee results.

Recent Projects

Words come to life. - Work Portfolio Coming SOON!

Gillis Family Chiropractic Project

Gillis Family Chiropractic

December 2023 - Present

We conducted a comprehensive SEO campaign for GFC, increasing their organic presence. This included competitive keyword research, on-page site optimization, and manual link-building. We also are designing and implementing a new website for GFC, so our SEO work really shines.

Innovative Property Management Project

Innovative Property Management

September 2023

We boosted this property management company's Instagram presence, crafting captivating posts and ads that aligned with their brand. We also created a comprehensive digital marketing plan for future endeavors to accelerate their growth and success. Overall, our goal was achieved: to leave a lasting impact.

What Our Clients Say...

"...His hard work shows through in a timely and efficient manner.  Before working with him, we did not know what SEO even was, but he took the time to make it suitable for our office and came up with creative and unique ways to make our office stand out.  We are now more accessible online as well as more prevalent in our field.  Cole’s ability to accommodate his clients and offer a new perspective is nothing short of refreshing!"

Ashley Howe / Gillis Family Chiropractic
Office Manager

"...You are a clear mark of integrity, compassion and intuitive nature, as our numbers/goals have increased over a short period. We cannot thank you enough for all your help and giving us the tools needed to be a stronger force in the marketing world..."

Colin Little and Jennifer Dell / Innovative Property Management / Owners

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